Second Parent Adoptions & Litigation

The law office of Rotella & Hernandez also represents same-sex couples in adoption matters. Known as “Second Parent Adoptions,” this legal procedure allows us to ensure that both partners—no matter the legal status of their relationship—have legally recognized parental rights over their child, rather than just the biological parent. Unlike stepparent adoptions, there is no requirement that the couple be legally married in order to adopt a same-sex partner’s biological child through a second parent adoption. Additionally, Rotella & Hernandez will aggressively defend the rightful parents and the best interests of the child in litigated second parent adoption cases if the adoption is contested in any way. Give us a call today to learn more and to let us help you protect your parental rights.

We at the law office of Rotella & Hernandez are passionate about helping South Florida families through even the most complex legal disputes, so please do not hesitate to contact us and set up a consultation today.

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