Property & Marital Settlement Agreements

In a dissolution of marriage, numerous decisions must be made regarding the terms of the divorce, such as division of assets, divisions of debts, and support obligations. Many people find that, even when terms are disputed, they would rather try to reach an equitable resolution to these terms themselves rather than leaving such substantial decisions to a judge. Divorcing couples may choose to draft and submit a Property Settlement Agreement or a Marital Settlement Agreement.

These are documents that detail the agreed-upon terms, details, and conditions of the divorce. While Property Settlement Agreements generally only detail terms of property division, Marital Settlement Agreements tend to be more comprehensive, covering a wider range of issues such as support obligations. These agreements—depending on how comprehensive they are—can serve to greatly streamline the divorce process, and judges will usually stick to the guidelines laid out in the agreement in their final judgements. Property and Marital Settlement Agreements can be incredibly complex, and they can have a substantial impact on your life following your divorce. The attorneys at Rotella & Hernandez will put our extensive knowledge and experience to work to protect your best interests and ensure the agreement fulfills your needs in an equitable manner.

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