Domestic Violence Injunctions (Restraining Orders)

There is widespread domestic violence in the US, and the law firm of Rotella & Hernandez is committed to helping provide legal protection for those in danger of harm from a spouse or loved one. If you have been the victim of abuse, or you are in fear for your safety or the safety of your children, you may be able to obtain a court ordered Domestic Violence Injunction against the perpetrator of this abuse. Better known as a “restraining order,” this injunction will require the abuser—under threat of criminal penalties—to cease all harmful actions, leave your residence, and stay away from you at all times, amongst other potential remedies. If you have been or fear you will be a victim of domestic violence, please contact our law firm immediately and let us put the law to work to keep you and your children safe.

Additionally, our firm provides defense against Domestic Violence Injunctions in cases where the order is being misused or unreasonably applied. A false allegation of domestic violence can ruin your reputation, and it is important that you take swift action to defend yourself when an injunction based on false accusations is used against you. Contact our offices right away and we’ll fight to defend your reputation and your future.

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